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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Alternative Quiz Questions: Ch. 2 Moral Theories

1. According to Bentham’s Greatest Happiness Principle, what is the “correct” moral choice that the mayor should make? (20)

2.The idea of universal law, which considers the idea that when doing a particular action, we must be willing to accept the same action being done to us, is more familiarly recognized as what rule? (26)

3. (T/F) Because our moral absolutes need to be more carefully formulated, it would be more beneficial to consider Kant’s alternative formulation of basic moral law which states that people should be treated as the means to an end. (29)

4. At the core of Kantian moral principle (deontological theory), is the requirement to respect the ___________ of others. (30)

5. According to Campbell, why is Kant’s approach of requiring logical reasoning for moral decisions seem to be “asking both too much of us and too little”? (31-32)

6. What is meant by a virtuous human being? (33)

7. According to English philosopher Thomas Hobbes, without society what becomes of our lives? (39)

8. ( T/F) In Isaiah Berlin’s revised version of liberal theory, more room is allowed for a richer account of moral agency as opposed to the highly individualistic version. (42)

9. What is a common misunderstanding of Beauchamp and Childress’s four principles addressed by Campbell? (43)

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