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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

"Between a Rock and Hard Place"

 Answering the discussion question of "What would you do as the Mayor in the situation", I believe that what I would want to do and what I would actually do are two completely different subjects. Solely because we don't know the outcome of our actions. If we could see the future and get a better idea on what was to come, our choices would be easy. But... since I am neither clairvoyant nor a time traveler, my answer is this:

1. What I would want to do
    I would want to take that "unloaded gun" and fight. Of course, I would realize that it is not loaded, but I would keep fighting. I think this is the most important idea in life. Fighting for what feels right to you, fighting for your moral ground, and fighting to show others that its okay to stand up to authority if it is against your moral ideals. I would fight because I would want to be this example to the hostages. Surrender is not always the answer, and more than likely judging the previous actions of the colonel with the mutilated bodies, he is not above killing the hostages regardless of you killing the two captives. So with this, I say fight with everything that you are.

2.What I would actually do
    As stated above I do not possess any mystical powers or abilities. Therefore, it can be said that in a situation of this amount of pressure, it would depend on what thoughts were racing through my mind during the few minutes given to make a decision. Personally,  I panic slightly under pressure. I would hope that  I made the decision above, but it such a state I  cannot imagine making such a choice.
I could never kill an innocent man,yet i'd be willing to sacrifice myself at the hope of  some chance of freedom for others whether that be the freedom physically from the tyrants or spiritually through death, freeing them from a life of enslavement. A quote from Star Wars( yes i'm a nerd):

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  1. Hence, the great limitation on ethical thought experiments. Thinking about acting is one thing, acting is often very different. I suppose an ethical theorist might rationalize his/her theorizing as preparation for action, so that a panic response in real life becomes less likely.

    The resolve to fight for what you believe is right was never more urgent than now. I just hope we can avoid anything so extreme as the Mayor scenario, but each new day's headlines seem to bring it closer. Courage!