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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Alternative Quiz Questions: Ch 6 Justice

1. What English city was mentioned to be the starting point of public health ethics due to massive outbreaks of cholera in the nineteenth-century? (138)

2. What are the ethical issues revolving around the use of screening? (139)

3. What is likely to occur if too many parents refuse to have their children vaccinated? (140)

4. At the extreme end of health promotion, what policy prohibited certain groups of people from having more than one child in order to slow down the rapidly increasing population size and what were that negative results of this policy? (141)

5. What has modern medicine fallen victim to? (144)

6. How does the parable Campbell told at the beginning of the "Inverse Care Law" section signify one of the problems in health are allocation at the 'meso-' level? (147)

7. How does the second principle, based on the scenarios created by Campbell, cause a issue for the life boat scenario? (155)

8. Why does philosopher John Rawls argue that differences in income and society status are inevitable and even desirable in a free society? (158)

9. What is the difficulty behind making the WHO approach to global health inequity a reality? (161)

10. What does the image of the instinctive flock behavior of birds suggest that we should be hopeful for in regards to health care? (164)

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