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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Alternative Quiz Questions: Ch4

What Bernard Shaw means by "A conspiracy against the laity" in his book "The Doctor's Dilemma"?79
What does G.B.Shaw means by a way of gaining personal advantage? 80
Why the first consideration of the health professional must always be the best interests and welfare of the patient? 80
What was the Geneva Code of Medical Ethics statement in 1948? 80
What Campbell means by "Best interests"?83
(T/F) People should be treated as though they were merely examples of a disease. 83
What are the three keys features of valid consent?
(T/F) Roman Catholic Church believes that embryo isn't a person. 89
Describe the analogy of the violinist and how it relates to abortion. 92
What Commodification means? 96
What is the other name of regenerative medicine? 99

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