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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Optional Alternate Quiz Chapter 5

1. Who wrote, "I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail."(115)

2. The________  __________ requires that all research  protocols must be submitted to a "research ethics committee before the study begins". (117)

3. What is one issue that is controversial in research development? (118)

4. What is a Randomized Clinical Trial? What is it suppose to do to ensure scientific validity?(121)

5. The __________ approach seeks to minimize both the suffering inflicted on animals in medical research  and the number of animals used(or killed). (123)

6. What is the term for giving credence to the idea that "it's all in our genes"? (124)

7.What are two examples of fraudulent authorship?(127)

8. What is sponsored by the US Public Health Service in order to inhibit scientific fraud?(128-129)

9. Transhumanism  finds support in which two theories?(131)

10.What is a "biobank"? How is it useful? (133-134)

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  1. 1. Abraham Maslow
    2. Helsinki Declaration
    3. Determining the worth of the research
    4. In an RCT, patients are randomly allocated to a control group and an experimental group; RCTs reduce bias and isolate the specific factors in consideration
    5. Welfarist
    6. Genetic exceptionalism
    7. Gift authorship; allowing one's name to appear as an author of a paper when the work was done completely by others
    8. Office of Research Integrity
    9. Greatest Happiness and libertarian principles
    10. A biobank is is a large collection of biological samples or genetic data which can be linked to the lifestyle and health history of the individuals who gave the samples; A biobank provides a resource for biomedical researchers that can be used to help address the big medical issues in the 10/90 gap.