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Friday, February 24, 2017

The Case Against Perfection

Couldn't find Nuland's How We Live (aka Wisdom of the Body) in Google Books for Tuesday, but here's a review*... and here's Sandel's book for Thursday.

* ...The work of Dr. Nuland is an important step toward the creation of a biomedically literate public that is able to influence policy on matters of biological importance. The lusty, comely muse that inspires him is many times preferable to the gaunt, chlorotic one that superintends the work of most textbook writers. Now and then she leads him through arid textbookish sands or into the treacherous bogs of metaphysics, where she makes him say that the human spirit is an adaptive response of the neuronal circuitry. So what? Professional philosophers have said as much: an ''epiphenomenon,'' a ''phosphorescence'' and the like. And they never rewarded us with the fascinating tales of surgical pitched battle that ''The Wisdom of the Body'' doles out generously, in every chapter.
Also of note: On Point Radio aired a program Wednesay featuring a Vandy doc talking about flu season and vaccination: Dr. William Schaffner, professor of preventative medicine in the department of health policy at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, where he is also a professor of medicine in the division of infections disease.

On Point - NPR (@OnPointRadio)
'If you haven’t been vaccinated, run do not walk and get vaccinated.’ Dr. William Schaffner wbur.fm/2lUSHKJ

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