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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Alternative Quiz Questions: Ch. 5 Research

1. Due to the scandals of research experiments in the past, there is now world wide agreement that all research involving human subjects must be what? (116)

2. Some countries, such as the UK, make their ethics committees part of the regional or local organization of health services. What are the benefits and issues with this arrangement? (117)

3. The Nuremberg Code stated that consent must be gained in all experimentation with human beings; however, if this was strictly upheld, what groups of people would be excluded from health research? (119)

4. What four different areas of research does Campbell consider in this chapter? (121)

5. What are some of the several different forms of misconduct in research? (126)

6. What does Campbell say we all hope biomedical research would rid itself of? (129)

7. What was it that novelist Aldous Huxley foresaw in his book Brave New World? (130)

8. How does Campbell say biobanks hold an enormous potential for global health research? (134)

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