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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Presentation Quizzes

When Breathe Becomes Air Quiz:
1. What type of cancer was Paul diagnosed with?
2. Paul said severe illness wasn’t life altering, it was ____________.
3. Why were the doctors worried about pneumonia?
4. Instead of intubation, what could Paul choose?
5. What was Paul’s wife’s way of recreating home while in the hospital?

Patient H.M. Quiz:
1. Burckhardt states that “doctors are different by nature,” falling into two distinct categories. Under which of the two natures does Burckhardt consider himself to belong?
2. Walter Freeman experimented with the full battery of shock treatments, but he was never satisfied. Why?
3. What did Freeman name the new field of psychiatric surgery?
4. What are the root words that make up the word “lobotomy” and how are they significant to the surgery?
5. As a general rule, when Freeman performed a lobotomy, what was the simple strategy to which he adhered?
6. After studies had been performed upon primates, what was the suspected outcome of removing the uncus and what was its purpose?
7. What happened to patient D.M.’s demeanor immediately after her uncotomy, the term Scoville used to describe the procedure?
8. What was ironic about the effect of the extensive accidental damage to patient I.S.’s behavior compared to the lesioning of the uncus in Scoville’s other four patients?
9. What question was Scoville trying to answer when he removed a total of twenty-five grams of brain tissue from one of his patient’s?
10. What section of the brain did Scoville suction from patient A.Z. that produced a “positive” result, and what were the immediate negative side effects?

Bioethics for Beginners:
1. What has the potential to revolutionize medicine?  
2. What did pluripotent cells seem to be?
3. In 2005, who reported that "integrity" received more hits than any other word in their online dictionary?
4. Who was fired for fabricating a dozen papers?
5. At which university did inspectors find out that their research subjects were never followed up the see what was happening?
6. Who set out on his ashram in western India on a 387-km trek to sea?

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks Quiz:
1. Where is Henrietta Lacks' unmarked grave located?
2. What age did Henrietta Lacks die and what did she die from?
3. What hospital did Henrietta receive her treatments?
4. Who was in charge of the cell culture at Johns Hopkins and was the first to culture the famous HeLa cells?
5. Name some of the many scientific and medical contributions that HeLa cells have been apart of.
6. How many years was the Lacks family in the dark about their mother's immortal cells?
7. Who does the family consider "the devil" in this entire situation, even though they claim they made absolutely no profit in the production of HeLa cell-line.
8. Although Henrietta Lacks' cells have changed the face of scientific and medical research; her family still cannot afford ___________________.
9. What does the Lacks family think Johns Hopkins should do to honor Henrietta and her contribution to science?
10. After all that the family has been through involving these immortal cells, what does her son, Sonny, say that makes him feel good about his mother?

A Clone Is Born Quiz:
1. Dolly was born in a shed down the street from?
2. What genetic material was used to create Dolly?
3. Who is the ethicist and founder of the Hastings Center that described the awesome power of cloning?
4. When did the field of bioethics emerge?
5. Ian Wilmut made it clear he abhorred the very idea of...?
6. What are the basic questions that have plagued humanity since the dawn of mankind?

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