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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Daily Quiz

April 3

1. What does Russell Blackford propose to focus on, in Humanity Enhanced? OR, with what sorts of "enhancements" will he not be particularly concerned?

2. What's the difference between reproductive and therapeutic cloning?

3. Does Blackford think the prospect of Homo proteus and the destruction of liberal democracy is overhyped?

4. Does "ethical pluralism" require the enforcement of a pubolic morality?

5. What's been the "broad direction" of public policy regarding PGD & sperm sorting for sex selection?

6. What kinds of "harms" are (or are not) recognized by Feinberg?

7. What is the Non-identity Principle?

8. What can a liberal society not be neutral about?

1. (1-2). 2.  (2-3). 3. (3). 4.(7). 5. (9) 6. (17) 7. (20) 8. (25)


FQ: What lenient standard of child nurture and health do "we" tend to support? For what conditions does RB say the state may forbid the use of PGD? 26-7

JS Mill's Harm Principle-4. Locke's Letter-5. State's role in a pluralistic & liberal society-6-7. Distinction between enhancement & therapy-12.

DQ: Do you agree that prohibiting "sex selection for family balancing" would be illiberal? Is allowing a practice the same as an endorsement? 10

DQ: Do you have to exist, to suffer (in principle) harm? Can we harm "future people"? 13-15, 19f.

DQ: "Why should benefits from genetic engineering be an exception?"-14

DQ: What's RB's view of state paternalism, & what's yours? - 18

DQ: personal identity issues 19-20

Deaf PGD 21

"Has Abigail done anything wrong?" 20-1

Is Feinberg's "extension" right? 23

DQ: Mapping the fetal brain... (npr)

DQ: stem cell fraud

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