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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Daily Quiz

April 22

1. Why does Glannon say there'd not be complete equality even if enhancements were universally available?

2. How might "status quo bias" color some people's attitudes towards enhancement technologies?

3. What was Rawls' position on "the natural lottery" and whether a just society should accept its distributions unaltered? [And, DQ: What's yours?]

4. Does Blackford think the Original Position thought experiment supports Rawls' intuition about natural talents, family circumstances, and the distribution of social goods?

5. Does Kurton hope to live forever?

6. What's the difference between hyperthymia and hypomania?

7. What does Thassa's name mean, and imply?

DQ: Will competition for genomic enhancement be ethically problematic? Is competition problematic, in general? Or parental assistance and "gifts"? What would a "level playing field" look like, applied to the issue of genomic enhancement?

What do you think of the analogy to reparations for slavery? 156

Gattaca 161, Kurzweil 162, 167

Henry James, flow, interiority 55, 83, 88

Do you agree with Kurton? "When people can live longer and better, they will. Ethics is just going to have to catch up." 58

Would you watch Over the Limit? 62

What do you think of "nulliparity"? 65

Which of the debate resolutions would you defend? 66

$20 92; "infinite hunger for the unreal" 95; "plug & play chromosomes" 98; 78% "ready to enhance" 99

PGD, collective wisdom 101; "Walk on air against your better judgment" 103; "excessively happy" 106

"information travels at the speed of light, meaning spreads at the speed of dark" 111

"liver means heart, heart means joy" 114

"the kind of novel I loved to read, back before fact and fable merged... the kind that invents itself out of meaningless detail and thin air"  120; "All good science pauses" 123; "massively parallel computer, the entire human race" 127

1.134   2.138   3.139   4.143f.   5.59   6.68   7.78

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