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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Group 1- HE, Chapter 6

We began class by discussing the DQ questions. According to Humanity Enhanced, the prospect of making genetic modification commonplace could lead to an alteration in the fabric of society, potentially culminating in a new system where it's the "enhanced vs the non-enhanced." Dr. O then went into detail and began a discussion on the novel Generosity. After a discussion on this novel, we were released slightly early to go read and prepare for the next class session.

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  1. (FQ) Who is a famous critic who concentrates primarily on issues related to fairness or distributive justice?
    Walter Glannon (pg. 134)

    (FQ) What does the Rawlsian Theory say regarding a human's traits?
    "the outcome of the natural lottery" is "arbitrary from a moral perspective" (pg. 139)

    (FQ) What movie depicts the creation of a caste system due to genetic engineering?
    Gattaca (pg. 161)

    (DQ) What are some likely consequences of genetic engineering on a world wide scale?

    Link: http://www.leeandlow.com/p/tankborn.mhtml