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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Group 3

We spent the first part of our class time discussing the questions/answers from the daily quiz to review some of the highlights from the chapters. This led to the comparison between Blackford's view on genetic engineering versus McKibben's opinions from his book, Enough. It was pointed out how the offspring's autonomy can be affected by the genetic alterations chosen by the parents.

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  1. FQ: T/F. According to R.B., it will be challenging for liberal societies to accommodate social harmony brought about by genetic enhancement; however, it would be even more challenging for these societies to maintain social harmony if genetic enhancement was suppressed.

    DQ: According to Somerville, elimination of Down Syndrome would not be beneficial to the society because it gets rid of the special gifts that this syndrome has to offer. What is your stance on this issue?

    link: http://www.geneticliteracyproject.org/2013/02/14/should-we-ban-genetically-engineered-babies/#.U09FAY3vim4
    An article written on a debate of whether or not genetically engineered babies should be banned.