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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Group Two

Last class we brought continued on with the idea of human "immortality."  As a class, we had many different view points.  Some were of the mind that it would be a good thing.  There is so much in the universe that we do not know, and having longer to experience and learn would allow us to find these hidden treasures of knowledge and experience.  Others felt that immortality would lead to the fall of mankind.  With so many people living forever, and they having children who will live forever, and them having children that will live forever, (I could keep going, but I won't), we will eventually overburden our strained planet.  When we run out of resources, we will starve to death (and we haven't quite thought out the idea of surviving that).  Others felt that having an eternity to do things, would lead to the "I'll do it later" attitude, and lead to an eternity of procrastination and un-motivated people who will never get anything done.  I think there were a few other good thoughts that were mentioned, but unfortunately I cannot recall them.  We then talked briefly on the movie/book Divergent, and its main philosophical conundrums.

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