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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Group 3 Ch.6

We have spent some time going over the daily quiz questions and the discussion questions that followed. Dr. Oliver tried to convince those that havent started to read the Generosity to indulge on the journey of reading this great novel. He went over the first chapter of the novel. The class was dismissed a little early so that the presenters could have some time to themselves to figure out on what exactly they were presenting.

Ch.7 HE

FQ: Someone who wishes to nullify the underserved effects of luck is called _______?
(Brute luck theorist) p.139

DQ: Do you agree with Rawls' or Blackford's stance on the ''equality'' of genetic enhancement.

link: http://stanfordreview.org/article/arguing-and-against-genetic-engineering/

arguments for and against gen. eng. such as the limit to autonomy, discussion about eugenics, and growth of social inequalities.

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