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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Stem cell fraud

Not an April fool.
A Japanese scientist partly falsified a research paper that announced a breakthrough in the production of stem cells, the government-funded laboratory involved has announced. The results from the Riken Centre for Development Biology in Kobe, western Japan, were seen as a possible groundbreaking method, offering hope of growing "Stap cell" tissue to treat illnesses such as diabetes and Parkinson's disease using a simple lab procedure. Researchers in Boston and Japan conducted the experiments in using a simple procedure to turn ordinary cells from mice into stem cells by exposing cells from spleens of newborn mice to a more acidic environment than they are used to. The researchers said cells from other tissues of newborn mice appeared to go through the same change, which could be triggered by exposing cells to any of a variety of stressful situations...
Stap cells: research paper on stem cell breakthrough was partly falsified | Science | theguardian.com

But didja hear about Sidd Finch?!

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