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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Daily Quiz

Feb 18

1. What theory (or view of life) holds that organic life follows its own impetus and rules, and cannot be reduced to inorganic chemistry?

2. The merged understanding of computing and life as "coded" is called the ____ Age?

3. What's protoplasm?

4. What cells have a half-life of 120 days?  

5. Who couldn't "hold back his urine," and why does it matter to Venter?

6. What's Weismann's corollary? (OR, to whose revolutionary work in biology does it point?)

7. What crucial component of life does the "new vitalism" downgrade or ignore?

8. What is "nature's self-reproducing automaton"?

  1. ==
  2. 1.  Vitalism-p.12. The Digital Age of biology) - p.1.2. Digital. 3. 3. A living content surrounded by a plasma membrane. 4. (Red Blood) -p.18. 5. Berzelius, p. 13; it demonstrated the possibility of synthesizing organic compounds. 6. There must be a common ancestral cell; Darwin-p.16. 7. DNA-p.17. 8. The double helix.
  3. ==
  4. DQ:Are there important ethical implications in the fact that "the outcome of computer evolution is built into its programming"? (p.23)
  5. DQ: Do you think that even with the availability of the best medical treatment, a portion of patient's health is influenced by positive thinking and optimism? 
  6. DQ: Do you believe that all lifeforms, even possible exoplanet life, have to be organic?

    Link: http://www.cnn.com/2011/12/05/health/positive-thinking-deepak-chopra/
    This may assist you in finding the best answer to my discussion question.
"Cracking Your Genetic Code" link:. http://youtu.be/4gUZiwgWpW8

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