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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The New Science Of "Three-Parent" Babies

It's a misnomer, since a "parent" is one thing and a genetic materials donor something else again. But I heard this during my commute to school this morning, it's well worth a listen.
"Day two today of F.D.A. hearings on what you may have seen described in headlines as “three-parent babies.”  The genetic material of three adults combined to make one healthy baby.  Mom’s nuclear D.N.A., dad’s sperm, and mitochondrial D.N.A. from a donor, to avoid inheritable disease.  Backers say this reproductive technology will spare families from passing down suffering.  Maybe extend fertility for older moms.  Critics say this is the gateway to genetically modified human beings, high-tech eugenics, dystopia.  This hour On Point:  science, ethics, reproduction, and D.N.A. times three."
The New Science Of Three-Parent Babies | On Point with Tom Ashbrook

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