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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Group 3 Discussion

Our group went ahead a little and talked about the life boat scenario. We discussed who we thought would have the best chance of survival. We discussed if it would be killing someone to push someone off into the water and other ways to make the rest survive. It was posed that perhaps someone could make a sacrifice for the others to survive by jumping into the water. We all discussed the implications of a society that had the capabilities to genetically modify itself and what parts of society might get these enhancements. It was later posed that there be a non transferable lottery to possibly make the whole thing fair instead of just the rich getting every enhancement.


  1. FQ: What are the two major spheres of justice discussed by Campbell?
    A: Social Justice and Distributive Justice

    DQ: Should the Quality Adjusted Life Years (QALYs) be the only way to prioritize treatment (such as organ transplant) recipients?

    This link is not very relevant to what was discussed in this chapter, but I thought there are pros and cons to the evolution or transition of healthcare towards electronics. The first link shows how it is benefiting in healthcare while the second link discusses the negatives.



  2. FQ: Wha is inverse care law?
    (The availability of good healthcare varies with the need of the population served) p148

    DQ: What are your pros and cons of John Rawls' veil of ignorance analogy.

    Since we discussed what will happen in the future to not only the healthcare but humans in general, here is a link that talks about the risks that we might face in the future
    link: http://www.centauri-dreams.org/?p=28833