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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Life At The Speed Of Light (Ch. 1,2)

I hope everyone did well on the exam.

FQ: What theory stated, "Organic substances have at least 3 constituents... they cannot be prepared artificially... but only through the affinities associated with vital force. It is made clear that the same rules cannot apply to both organic and inorganic chemistry, the influence of the vital force being essential."
A: Vitalism

DQ: Do you believe that all lifeforms, even possible exoplanet life, have to be organic?

I watched an interesting documentary on Netflix. The film is called "Cracking Your Genetic Code" and it's by PBS. This refers to "knowing yourself to the genetic level." Would one really want to know they're possible fate by looking at they're own genetic codes? I only have a short clip of the documentary on YouTube, but here it is... http://youtu.be/4gUZiwgWpW8

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  1. FQ: The age in which the once distinct domains of computer codes and those that program life are beginning to merge is called _____?
    (The Digital Age of biology) - p.1

    FQ: A living content surrounded by a plasma membrane is called ______.

    FQ: Most cells cannot live more than a few days without being able to synthesize genetic material, a notable exception to this are the _____ cells.
    (Red Blood) -p.18, they have a half-life of 120 days

    DQ: Do you think that even with the availability of the best medical treatment, a portion of patient's health is influenced by positive thinking and optimism?

    Link: http://www.cnn.com/2011/12/05/health/positive-thinking-deepak-chopra/
    This may assist you in finding the best answer to my discussion question.