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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Group 3 Discussion

We took the first few minutes to discuss about the group project. Nikita brought up his discussion question that he had posted a few days ago, "Do you think that even with the availability of the best medical treatment, a portion of patient's health is influenced by positive thinking and optimism?" We mostly agreed that optimism can improve ones health, although there are limitations to that. This then led into the debate on whether optimism can come from inheritance or outside influences. As we provided supporting examples for both outlooks, our discussion drifted into the influence of music. There are people that must have music in their lives, people that enjoy it but don't see it as a necessity, and people that simply do not like music. The influence of music cannot be accurately quantified since the amount of influence vary depending on the individual.


  1. FQ: (T/F) In the late 18th century/early 19th century, scientists had a hard time accepting DNA as a ''code script'' because it seemed far too simple in composition to transmit genetic information.

    FQ: ___ is more versatile than DNA in a way that it is both an information carrier and an enzyme.
    (RNA, ribonucleic acid)

    FQ: (T/F) Human and bacterial ribosomes are indistinguishable, thus taking antibiotics harms both the bacterial and the human cells equally.

    DQ: What are your thoughts on dust, considering it is 3/4 dead skin cells that most likely belong to someone else.

    Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSzEjGQ5N1o
    A link to a video of protein folding simulation.

  2. Not a few philosophers have thought that music, more than any other form of expression (including philosophy), makes life worth living.

  3. A personal example I can think of when it comes to music influencing me is when I am on the road. If the music is fast and exciting I tend to drive faster. If it is soft and beautiful I become very introspective. I think that when these moments of introspection arise I learn the most about myself. This is when my ideas about the world and how I fit in it take shape. I start thinking about how I don't want a job just for money and I want to do something that actually helps someone. I once went to an interview and explained why I wanted to work at the movie theatre. I said how I loved movies and wanted the experience of working at the theatre since I thought it would be a fun place to work. I was told that if my number one reason was not to make money I shouldn't be there. This was very discouraging to me and did not go with the thoughts I had formed from introspection. That led me to work at UPS where I make sure that packages get where they should go and are intact when they get there. During my times of deep thought when listening to music I also started thinking about things like the universe and how amazing it is that we live in this one. This type of thinking comes up a lot when I listen to baroque music. Baroque music is a very old style of writing that is a step before classical musics introduction in the music world. It is very intricate, ornamented, and all around very fun for me to listen to. It has definitely led to moments of deep thinking that have shaped the way I view the world. You should all check out Baroque music.


    Maybe this will lead to moments of deep thought and awe of a universe that would allow us and this beautiful music to exist.