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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Group Two

We started out talking about our group project.  We are doing our project over animal testing.  We touched on some of the pros and cons of animal testing.   We looked at some of the progress that we have been making while using animals for testing, as well as looked at the poor living conditions and poor treatment of some of the test specimens.  We also set a meeting time to get together and work on this.  Dr. Oliver came and helped to add to our conversation on animal rights.


  1. Alyssa says she's unwell and won't make it to class today, but asks that you email or text to let her know for sure if you're still meeting tonight to discuss the group report. I'll give you her # in class.

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  3. FQ: ________ shuttles code for proteins from the genome to the ribosomes.

    FQ: ____________ are enzymes used by bacteria to protect themselves from foreign DNA by rapidly chopping up DNA at specific, defined sequences of code and no other.
    Restriction Enzymes