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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Group 2

We talked about whether research findings should be open to the ordinary folks or if it should be regulated/classified and kept out of the public eye?  Some said that they should keep it secret until it is perfected or more was known on the subject.  Others felt that it would be good for others to be able to see the information (More people working on a problem are better than one).  We also talked about bad people getting ahold of information that they could misuse for devious or malevolent causes.  
Then we talked about consideration for synthetic organisms. First we talked about our definition of consideration.  Recognition of its existence? Rights? Consequences?  We also talked about the possibilities of applying this to artificial life (Artificial Intelligence).  Would sentient, self-aware computers be deserving of full consideration as life?  This brought up Singer's idea of speciesism.  Some of our group thought that artificial life would not be deserving of equal rights or treatment as people.  Others felt that rights would be necessary if the life form was sentient and self aware.  
We then set a meeting time to work on our group project.  We will meet in the library at 6pm on Wednesday the 26th. 

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  1. Hey all,
    I have sent my findings to Alyssa so that it can be added to the powerpoint tomorrow. Again I am sorry that I am unable to meet. If you guys have any questions feel free to contact me about anything!