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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Venter, Chapter 3 Summary

After discussing ethical issues of health care professionals regarding spiritual matters, we decided to discuss our midterm presentation. We discussed assigning an order for presentees and a day to meet up next week to practice. The rough order we decided on is as follows (subject to modification!):

1. Logan
2. Emily
3. Kat
4. Meredith
5. Evan

We plan on refining our subject matters over the weekend and coming up with a solid order next week.

If anyone would like to coordinate a meet-up time, email me at lms5j@mtmail.mtsu.edu! I would post my number, but I don't who would get a hold of it from the internet.


  1. FQ- What was the first successfully decoded genome?
    RNA viral genome-bacteriophage MS2 (pg 48)

    FQ-What was Venter's new genome sequencing technique named?
    whole genome shotgun sequencing (pg 53)

    FQ- What was the first live organism sequenced by Venter's method?
    haemophilus influenzae

    DQ- I would like to discuss with the group if it would be difficult for them to throw caution to the wind as Venter does, uncaring about his reputation? Also, how would it affect them to work with someone with a tarnished reputation and take a huge gamble, much like Hamilton Smith did?

    Here is a short, animated link featuring Sanger's method of DNA sequencing: http://www.dnalc.org/view/15479-Sanger-method-of-DNA-sequencing-3D-animation-with-narration.html

  2. (FQ) True/False: Gram positive bacteria show up pink/red during a Gram Stain test.

    (FQ) What is meant by the term "essential" amino acids?
    They cannot be manufactured by cells in the body and must be obtained through diet.

    (FQ) What is a bacteriophage?
    A virus that uses bacteria as hosts to replicate.

    (DQ) What sort of problems could we solve today by creating new microorganisms?

    Below is a link that gives more information on Venter's achievements and goals with his research:

  3. Factual Question
    What color do gram positive bacteria stain?
    Philosophical Question
    What implications could the creation of human microorganisms present? If humans can create synthetic life does it deserve the same considerations as natural life?

  4. For the summary of our project (and I'll put this under any further posts just in case this goes unnoticed)--I'm going to use the website http://weburbanist.com/2010/08/23/body-art-creations-made-of-human-flesh-blood-bones/ for my examples, and expand on them via personal research of specific artists (namely Quinn, Krasnow, Robert, and Jones). See you all for the presentation on Thursday!
    I've been really sick with bronchitis and a viral infection for the past week or so--that's why I've been absent. Sorry for this inconvenience :/