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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Group 2

We started of with talking about our group project.  We had scheduled to meet on Thursday night, but we decided that we could not do that.  We decided we would meet up at another time soon.  From there we went briefly into the ethical obligations of physicians and other health care professionals versus their own personal ethical codes, especially in the case of advising patients on issues they may have personal opinions for or against.
Here is a link I found on the subject that I though was pretty interesting.  It is a debate between two philosophy professors on the subject of personal vs professional ethics:  http://centers.scb.rit.edu/ethics/2011/06/personal-vs-professional-ethics/

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  1. I like the idea brought up by Barbato. I think it should be permissible for a medical professional to refuse a patient for personal beliefs. As long as the professional can find a replacement that will take the place where they wont go, I don't see anything wrong with this concept. I definitely do not agree that patients should have to do the accommodating because it would be too difficult to find proper care or treatment in a short amount of time. Surely at a workplace of medicine there would be several different views and doctors would find it easy to find a replacement.