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Monday, April 10, 2017

Brave New World: Quiz and DQ


Link to the pdf file of Brave New World. Reading from p.18 - p.21 and p.160 - p.163.


1. It was thought that ______ could be made an instrument of intellectual education. (p.19)

2. The director believes that moral education should never be rational. True or False (p.20)

3. Gamma children all wear what color? (p.21)

4. How does Bradley define philosophy? (p.160)

5. Industrial civilization is only possible when there is no ______. (p.161)

6. What are symptoms of political inefficiency? (p.161)

7. What are two rights that the savage claims? (p.163)

Discussion Questions:

1. On page 162, the Savage criticizes the world control for "getting rid of everything unpleasant instead of learning to put up with it". For the most part in the past 2000 years, quality of life has been continually progressing in the positive direction. Instead of washing our clothes in urine like the Romans, we now throw Tide pods into complicated contraptions to clean our clothes. Sore throat, no problem some cough syrup or drops will soothe it. Is there a line though where we say, "Hey, lets not make this part of life more pleasant and lets just deal with it"?

2. Brave New World features a utopian society where disease has been eradicated, fear of dying does not exist, almost everyone is content with their role in life, and if one does have emotional distress, one takes a neurological stimulant. Complete stability exists, but does this common conception of a utopia seem attractive? Does perfection equal happiness?

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