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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Y'all might need these

Since I gave out handouts, here is my quiz and answers.

1. How much will it cost to get a clone of a dog? pg 5
2. What year was dolly the sheep cloned? pg 6
3. What are the four examples of bioengineering already on the horizon? pg 10
4. What did they say was "Viagra for the brain"? P 14
5. What does MicroSort do? pg 23
6. T/ F The more an athlete relies on drugs or genetic fixes, the less his performance represents his achievement. pg 26
7. What has happened to the size of football players over the last 30 years? pg 34
8. What happened to HW assigned to children ages 6-8 between the years of 1981 and 1997? pg 59
9. What is Eugenics? pg 63

1. $100,000
2. 1997
3. Muscle enhancement, memory enhancement, height enhancement, sex selection
4. “A drug that reversed age-related memory loss would be a bonanza for the pharmaceuticals industry”
5. Couples who want to choose the sex of their baby for family balancing
6. True
7. “Over the past thirty years, the size of football players in the NFL has drastically increased” in 1972 – 248lbs, in 2002 – 422lbs
8. The amount of homework assigned to children sex to eight years old has tripled

9. A movement of large ambition- to improve the genetic makeup of the human race.

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