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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Global Bioethics and Human Rights

Rights of Persons with Disabilities From A Global Perspective

Akiko Ito

Quiz Questions

1. What does CRPD stand for?
2. What is CRPD's biggest goal?
3. What is the difference between Medical Orientation and Social Model?
4. What does CRPD Article 30 state?
5. The United Nations has adopted the ___________as an international policy framework for disability- inclusive measures. 
6.T/ F The Standard Rules are legally binding.

Discussion Questions

1. Because there are so many cultures with many different customs, should a universal mandate be attempted on the subject of persons with disabilities?
2. Would catering to minorities hinder their chances to adapting in life?
3. In what ways have you seen an individual with disabilities struggle in an environment that they lived in?

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