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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Mental Illness has a major effect on people's life whether it be a loved one, a friend, a teacher, or simple an acquaintance; however, the people most effected by the illness is the person who has this illness. These people often times have many confused thoughts about themselves but they might be also be confused by their place in society. 
As a whole the treatment of people with mental illness in society has improved beyond belief over the years. In the past people with severe mental illnesses were thought to be possessed and were shunned from society and shoved off into facilities. Now, with the elevation of technology most people can go about a daily life and no one can tell they have a mental illness. However, there are still things that most society may not even notice that can have a negative effect on someone with mental illness. Think about all the conversations that you have said or heard someone use a mental illness as an adjective to describe someone who probably does not suffer from the illness. What if someone who does suffer from an illness or that illness heard the statements. This person can now feel like what they suffer from is nothing but a joke and that people may view is as much less serious than it really is. This does not mean society is in the wrong, but maybe in a changing stage as I like to view it. We are more accepting of the disorders yet not sensitive to the disorders. We no longer view them as badly and judgmentally as before, but we do not give them as much consideration that they might deserve.  
Living with a mental illness can be a hard thing for people to grasp. There are plenty of videos over what it feels like to go through life with one, but These videos are not like actually feeling the weight of the illness for real. This is a very hard thing to associate with to because as a whole the feeling may be similar among everyone who suffers from some illness they will all have a different way of describing the feeling, These descriptions can cause misunderstandings. These misunderstandings can make it harder for someone to associate more with a person with a mental illness because it is only natural for humans to avoid what they do not understand. This is one of the major reasons I believe mental illness is becoming pretty much universally accepted by society and does not inhibit them in really getting jobs or things of that nature. They are more so inhibited by themselves in a way. While that may sound like blaming the victim in a way that is not the intent. What I mean is that the illness is causes doubts, insecurities, and other things that make it hard for a person o go out and live a normal wholesome life. 

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  1. We've definitely come a long way towards removing the stigma of mental illness and having a constructive conversation about how to treat it, to the point that high-profile sufferers like the wife of former presidential candidate Michael Dukakis now speak openly of their struggles and advocate on behalf of others in similar predicaments. I recall a vice-presidential candidate, Tom Eagleton, being forced to withdraw simply for having consulted mental health practitioners in the past. I also recall my mother's struggles with depression, and the hushed silence that surrounded them. Let's hope this positive new trajectory continues.