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Thursday, April 13, 2017

How We Die - by Sherwin Nuland. Quiz Questions and Discussion Questions for My Presentation. - Tanner Everett

I am presenting on Tuesday the 18th, but I wanted to go ahead and post my readings and questions up now so everyone has plenty of time for them.

Quiz Questions:

1. What was Robert DeMatteis terrified of?

2. How did Bob react to the news that he would need an operation?

3. How was Bob's prognosis?

4. What story did Bob recite from memory each year at Christmas?

5. What did Bob say to Nuland (the author) as he was leaving his house Christmas Eve?

6. What was the epitaph on Bob's grave?

Discussion Questions:

  • How comfortable are you with discussing/thinking about your own mortality?
  • What is your idea of a "good death"?
  • Why do you think Bob was so afraid of doctors/hospitals, even though he seemed to be able to face death so fearlessly? 

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