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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Nature Fix (Excerpts, Quiz, and Discussion Questions)

The Nature Fix by Florence Williams


     Introduction: Nature is Necessary
     1. What is the aspiration of The Nature Fix?
     2. Natural environments can help us align with the World Health Organization's definition
         of health, which is ______________?

     Why Nature Benefits Us: The Biophilia Effect
     1. What is the biophilia hypothesis, as described by the anthropologist Yoshifumi Miyazaki?
     2. What is biophilia, as defined by social psychologist Erich Fromm?
     3. Because most of our time during human evolution was spent in nature, our __________
         is still adapted to it.

     Why Nature Benefits Us: Cognition
     1. Rather than beginning with the premise of biophilia, cognitive psychologist David Strayer's
         research group was all about ___________________.
     2. Strayer's research team was more interested in what than in "amorphous concepts of


     1. Do you think the health benefits of being in nature are due to nature itself or the stresses of
         urban life that we leave behind?
     2. Are you more convinced by the biophilia explanation or the cognitive explanation of why
         nature is good for us?
     3. How could we use the results of the scientific research discussed in The Nature Fix to
         improve our daily lives through our health?
     4. How should the results be incorporated into urban planning, policy decisions, and
         architectural design? Do policymakers have an ethical responsibility to consider citizens'
         need for nature?

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