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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Zero K by Don DeLillo Quiz on April 13th

Zero K

Here is a link to google books for Zero K by Don DeLillo. If it doesn't work go to google books and click on the picture of it for the preview.

Quiz for Zero K

1. Who said, "Everybody wants to own the end of the world."(3)

2. What did the narrator, Jeff, see in the entrance way of the compound? (5)

3. What is the name of the endeavor that Ross Lockhart, Jeff's father, put large sums of money into?(7)

4. What was going to happen to Artis, Jeff's stepmom? What did she suffer from? (8)

5. What does Ross compare the people in the "hospice" unit that are about to undergo the process to? (9)

6. What things did Jeff see in the hallway on the screen that appeared that made him turn around to see if anyone else was witness to what he had seen? (11)

7. What scenario does Artis explain  that shows how she thinks about the cryogenic process? (19)

8. What does Artis call the medicated induced state that she is in when they drug her? (26)

Discussion Questions:

~ If you had to face the choice of going with a loved one into the cryogenic process, would you do it? If you did not do it would you feel a regret or a sense of remorse? Do you think that it would matter if you had told them you were going with them, and you don't follow though?

~Speaking of being a "Herald" as Jeff's father chooses to do later on, do you think that you could choose to go into the process early as these "heralds" did?

~Would you be so convinced by the future the salespeople painted for you, that you would consider the option of cryogenic preservation?

~How would you react to the videos that are shown in the hallways? Would you think it was just part of a sales pitch? Would you blow it off as something that occurs everyday? Would it scare you into thinking that preservation is justified?

~Considering the option is quite readily available to the wealthy and privileged, do you think that it was possibly a scheme in order to make the ultimate "art exhibit" of foolish visionaries or cowardice sponsors? Is it possible that there is no future to wake up to that is so expressively promised?

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