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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Group 1: case 41

The dangers and complications that can arise from overuse of self-diagnosis websites were discussed in accordance with what little knowledge our group had on the topics of overuse, and diagnosis.  We also discussed comments by McGee which said self-diagnosis websites knowingly advertise the drug for the condition you're researching.  If you can't get the drug you think you want, McGee says you can order it straight from Mexico.Whether these are all true who knows, but it really wouldn't be too too crazy for either to happen.  We all agreed that some degree of self awareness as it relates to physical condition is a good thing, but that we shouldn't depend on it by arguing with our healthcare professionals about what we think is right based on internet diagnoses.


  1. I don't see anything wrong with being informed, however I have to draw the line when it comes to purchasing drugs without consulting a professional. I think that's where the grey area is, during my times shadowing at the hospital, I've seen numerous patients try and diagnose themselves or will challenge the physician. I think that defeats the purpose of going to a physician, but unfortunately that's what happens.

  2. I think there is definitely an advantage to information being offered online. Doctors, nurses, and patients can use these websites to consult and become informed. I think it can become a problem when patients look for information online to self diagnose themselves. A lot of symptoms can be similar for different comditions and it may become confusing without seeing and consulting a licensed professional. And meds being ordered online... I can't even see this happening. Can you imagine patients ordering pain meds offline?

  3. Rebekah, check this out: http://www.mexmeds4you.com/how2order.asp