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Monday, April 15, 2013

Group 2 - prescribed happiness?

First off I must say- pray for those involved in the bombing today.

In class today we talked about whether or not it would be okay to make yourself happy! Patrick really thinks this idea is great and says to sign him up! haha
 Others and myself say that if someone only had "ups", how could they learn from their mistakes and how could they feel emotions.  To me it is a no brainer: happiness is relative, it is a decision.  Either you decide to be happy and see the positive, or you don't.
Then again on a personal note, I believe this is also linked to ones religious beliefs.


  1. Don't you mean, Cas, that in your own case you believe your happiness is linked to your religious beliefs? I don't happen to share those, but my own happiness is of the greatest vital interest to me. We must each find happiness in our own way. Right? There's no "royal road." Pluralism, uber alles!

  2. Aristotle said "Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence" so by that definition being that happy would be to succeed at life in my opinion.
    On the other hand many people believe that part of what makes life beautiful is its duality.
    I am aware that to live in a constant state of happiness would be akin to delusional thinking, but I think that everyone is delusional in some of there beliefs or thought processes. Though no delusion I have ever heard of has sounded this pleasant.

  3. How can happiness be prescribed? Happiness isn't just the opposite of being sad, and I'm not sure that what someone would be experiencing should be called happiness.

  4. after hearing the different views on this issue i believe that happiness is completely dependent on each individual person. Happiness can not be summed up into different categories because every single person is different and each lead individual lives. one's mistake could lead to another's happiness and vice versa. I find this topic very interesting because honestly who doesn't want to be happy, regardless of how that happens.

  5. happiness is a state of mind that comes from a frame of reference. you can not experience happiness without knowing unhappiness. blissfullness and or blissfull ignorance is not the same as happiness. if there were a drug that could impact your perception and lead you to a state of bliss you would have to constantly be in that state, for once you come out of it and see the gray fade to black or white you experience the true state of happiness or unhappiness. bliss is the limbo state and remember everything has downsides. there is no such thing as a free lunch.