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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Group 2 Wednesday

Sorry I am posting so late (been training at a new job); also I was hoping some other group might post something to remind me what we discussed that day, but so far the bag monster disagrees is the latest post, though it is a good one.
Being that abortion is a subject that has come up often this semester I thought this may be a relevant link.
Apparently a catholic school was considering several candidates for their bioethics director, among which as many as three top choices were not pro-life.
This stirred up some trouble for the school and they came out with a choice that reflected the catholic pro-life stance on abortion.
I found this interesting, because I was wondering if a bioethics director would be able to serve well at a university if he did not share the opinions of the school founders. Personally I think that someone in this field would be able to put their personal opinions aside, but then again the school may just want a united front on such issues.

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  1. If we'd all remember to follow form and post our summaries promptly SAME DAY, we'd be less likely to forget what was discussed. Worth a try anyway, doncha think?

    In my experience, Patrick, Bioethics professionals with strong faith-based convictions are not that good at "putting their personal opinions aside." Academic objectivity is no more reliable than "journalistic."