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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Group 2 April 10

Unfortunately with so little time left and such a heated debate still going on our group did not get to discuss much about Sandel.
We did continue discussing the case with the deaf couple who wanted to have a deaf child.
I personally don't approve of this idea. I understand their desire to have a child like them, but I would personally resent my parents if they did this to me.
Cas made a good point that all people represent variety and growth in the human species.
While I agree that variety is a good thing, I think allowing people to choose a variety that negativity affects their children is not right.
I would be interested to know if this is a common practice or if this has appeared with other groups of people, such as the blind.


  1. I saw a bug in the women's bathroom this morning at school... and for a split second I thought "oh I should smoosh it" before realizing it was a roly-poly... one of the coolest bugs in my opinion.
    but still I knew it would probably not survive in the bathroom and I should probably give it a mercy killing.
    In the same way, I feel this conversation: just because the child might be inferior to us, we feel that it should not live.
    and who gave you the power to decide what makes others "less".
    If you are wondering... I let the bug live.

  2. I agree that human variety should not be tampered with! Furthermore I would be very disturbed if my parents wanted me to be deaf just for the fact that they were deaf.