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Monday, April 1, 2013

Richard Branson hiring bioethicists

Are you adventurous? Interested in the ethical implications of contacting alien life? Or ethics of terraform? And do you have an advanced degree in science? And don't mind being in close quarters with others for an extended period of time? You might be interested to see the plans by Richard Branson (of Virgin) and the founders of Google and want to apply to be a Virgle Pioneer -- one of the first space colonists on Mars.

Take the quiz here, see if you qualify, and if you get past the first part, you can submit a YouTube video explaining why you'd qualify to be aVirgle Pioneer. (I wonder if they need any bioethicists?)

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  1. Yes, it's April Fool's.

    One of the best hoaxes of all time was George Plimpton's cover of Sports Illustrated on Apr.1, 1985. http://delightsprings.blogspot.com/2013/04/sidd.html

    And I heard about another classic yesterday:

    One such famous April Fools' Day hoax was the so-called "Jupiter Effect" of 1976. During an interview on BBC Radio 2, British astronomer Patrick Moore announced that a very rare planetary event was about to take place—that Jupiter and Pluto would soon align in relation to Earth, and their combined gravitational pull would momentarily override Earth's own gravity and make people weigh less. He called it the Jovian-Plutonian Gravitational Effect, and said that if people jumped in the air at exactly 9:47 a.m., they would experience a floating sensation. Moore signaled, "Jump now!" over the airwaves, and within minutes the BBC switchboard was flooded with calls from people who claimed it had worked. -Writer's Almanac