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Friday, April 5, 2013

Group 2 Cases 51 and 52

Wednesday we discussed the cases focusing on eating disorders and genetically modified foods.
I find it interesting that we live in a society that has what we call "an obesity epidemic" as well as problems with anorexia, bulimia, and extreme dieting.
Personally I find that people are trying to ignore the main problems with their diets and are looking for a quick fix.
Stores and restaurants are selling food products that lack nutritional value and are overly saturated with fat and sugar.
I don't believe that these types of food need to disappear all together, just people need to realize that they are not a viable type of food for everyday consumption if you want to maintain good health.

The second case that focused on genetically modified food was of more interest to me. Some people in group 2 were concerned that these types of food may have affect us in ways we can't predict. I agree that this is a problem, but I think that this means that there should be more testing done, not that genetically modified foods should be avoided. Personally I think that genetically modified foods should have more funding, so that we can provide more food to regions where starvation is a problem.


  1. Mark Bittman had an interesting NYT Magazine essay yesterday on the subject of "healthful fast food"... one important instuction: stay away from Subway.


  2. The fact that our country has a problem with both extremes of eating disorders is mind blowing to me. In this country we have every resource we need in order to combat these issues, but yet they are so profound. McGee states that "we spend 10 billion annually on dieting which is 300 times more than prenatal care, 1,000 times more than on housing the homeless, and 6,000 times more than on P.E. in schools." With these kind of numbers there is no reason what so ever that we should have any kind of weight issues in our society, but yet we do. I personally believe that we are wasting our money and i agree with Dr. Oliver that people need to just get out and do something.