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Monday, April 8, 2013

Plan B for Teens


Sorry about the link not embedding. I've had a lot of trouble with blogger this morning. Here it is.

I'm sure many of us have heard about the federal ruling allowing girls under the age of 18
to not purchase Plan B without a physician prescription. I think this is great news.  
The fact is teenagers have sex.  By requiring young girls, who are likely already embarrassed or 
upset about a situation to go with their parents to the physician's office and discuss their sexual activity 
Seems wrong to me. I'd only assume that some girls ignore this option out of fear of punishment from their parents.
Plan B can now be offered, hopefully responsibly, as tool to protect the health of young women who might have been 
to embarrassed otherwise.  
I'd be happy to elaborate further in class; the website is very frustrating right now!  


  1. I had trouble with blogger yesterday too. If anybody (Cas?) still wants to comment on this but can't, you can send it to me & I'll post (if I can).

  2. I am glad I do not have an account to that website at the moment...so many people are wrong on the internet...they need to be corrected.
    I actually have a lot to say about this, but i'll try to keep it short and to the point.
    I support the ruling as someone who has worked in a pharmacy for about 6 years.
    In said time I have sold a large amount of this medicine, but have not myself, nor has any pharmacy employ i have asked about it, ever seen a prescription for someone under 17. I have younger siblings and have spoken to many young people since being that age myself, and I know there is a relatively large group of sexually active young people in the area (or at least has/had been over the years, and have no reason to believe it has since changed) and even knew a few underage people who had pregnancy scares, but none of them would pursue Plan-B due to the public nature of acquiring it at such an age.
    My other big point is that while I may not be a learned medical professional myself I work with them on a daily basis. I know that the rough medicinal composition of the Plan-B is roughly like a large dose of any other oral contraceptive. I also know that there is an extremely large number of women locally that take oral contraceptives (because I sell it to them,) so the argument that the chemicals themselves are bad/unpredictable seems unfounded. Since a great number of people already take them, it seems a few more should not change anything. That and the Pharmacists I work with did not have any health concerns with women younger than 17 getting it, within reason.

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  4. WOW.
    Ok, has any one ever thought about the emotional and physiological impact that aborting a baby would have on a 13 year old? Maybe the problem is that we are giving more and more sexual responsibilities to the young, just so we can avoid the real issue: why the heck is a 13 year old having sex?
    I see this as another way to sweep the young people of our nation under the carpet. Maybe we should actually sit down and TALK to our youth, instead of giving others that responsibility- the child themself.