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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Article and Questions

Here's an article on Ritalin use.


(AP 59) True or False:  It is estimated that 5 to 6 percent of children under 18 are prescribed to Ritalin and other stimulants.

Are hyperparenting and genetic manipulation different from one another?  Is planning out the career path/life for your children, like Richard Williams, any different than controlling them by genetic manipulation?


  1. AP Chapter 2 Questions
    FQ- What is the Chariots of Fire?( AP 38- It's a movie about a star athlete at Cambridge who hired a running coach to improve his performance)
    FQ- What is the abbreviation EPO and where can you find it? (AP 33- erythropoietin is a stimulating hormone for the production of white blood cells that can be found in the kidneys.)

    DQ- If the circumstances were ever to happen, would there be a logical way to determine which types of genetic enhancements are suitable for the participation in the Olympics?
    DQ- Can genetic enhancements and integrity for a sport live side by side in the athletic world?

  2. Designing babies seems immoral to me on the level of degrading the parent-child relationship. Already parents have high expectations for their children, but having them select a trait that they want the child to excel at enters dangerous territory. The self esteem of a child that learned that it had been created with specific inherent purpose would almost seem degrading, as if the parent would not have loved them except for that one aspect. If they also learned that they had fallen out of favor with a parent because they had chosen a different path than the parent had intended, it would be even more devastating. For example, having another child be genetically similar to your first in order to allow easier organ donation seems to degrade the value of the second child, as he is simply a means to alter the lifespan of the first child. Letting a child choose seems paramount to preventing the hindrance of another being's autonomy, and any genetic modification seems like it would obfuscate this relationship between parent and child.

    FQ: (CAP 53) (T/F) Hyper-parenting has resulted in many more sports injuries in children and teenagers than in previous decades.
    A: True, it is now 70% as opposed to 10%

    DQ: Would genetic modification being made available to everyone make it acceptable? Is it the exclusivity that makes it immoral, or is it some other factor?

  3. AP Chapter 3 Questions
    FQ-What theologian said said that parenthood teaches the " openness to the unbidden?" (AP 45- William F. May)
    FQ- Ehat are the two aspects to parental love according to May? (AP 49- accepting love and transforming love)
    FQ- What is the Time Tracker? (AP 58- a toy for kids 4 and up that teaches them how to keep track of time during standardized tests)

    DQ- Have you ever been the victim of hyper parenting? If so, was it positive or negative?
    DQ-Are peoples modern customs of enhancing children just as bad as genetic enhancememt of them. Why or why not?

  4. AP Chapter 3 Questions

    FQ: IMproving children through ________ is similar in spirit to theheavily managed, high-pressure child-rearing practices that have become common these days( AP 52)
    Answer: Genetic Engineering

    DQ: What exactly is a good way to improve the found potential in children, rather than putting them under so much pressure or enhancement?

  5. Chapter 3- AP
    Factual Questions:
    Over the course of the last fifteen years, how much of an increase was there in the legal production of Ritalin? (AP 58. 1,700 Percent)

    Sandel says that _______ is strenuous & time consuming to the parents which leads them to subcontract the job to private counselors to aid in the success of their children. (AP 56. Hyperparenting)

    Do you agree with Sandel and his choice of words when he says enhancement drugs are "answering a competitive society's demands to improve our performance and perfect our nature"? (AP, 61)

  6. I actually found an article on genetic enhancement which suggest that at some point, genetic enhancement of a person's memory will be a readily available treatment.

    DQ: Is enhancement something that is morally wrong, or is it simply the next step in human history?

    DQ: In sports especially, there are people that are more gifted than others. Given that enhancement would be available to everyone, would it be unfair to enhance the players that are not so naturally talented?

  7. I found a AMA on two geneticists discussing many different topics concerning medical genetics: http://www.reddit.com/r/science/comments/2mnsyh/science_ama_series_we_are_ken_weiss_and_anne/

    DQ: Should genetic manipulation only be used for health related reasons, or should it be open for any type of manipulations?

    DQ: If genetic enhancements do come into play in the next decade or so, should it be government funded and operated and made a general right of the people?