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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Athletic Enhancement Mid-Term Presentation

Athletic enhancement presentation. 
(Greg, Rory, and Ramsey) 

For our groups presentation I looked at how we can ethically draw a line of what is reasonable to consider unfair enhancement and what is just a highlight to sports and athleticism such as running shoes. My goal was to figure out a way to distinguish each example used in the book and those drawn from real life and figure out a way to decide on each. I looked at how small things like running shoes don’t really make you a better runner but enable you to avoid things that would hinder you such as a sharp pebble something that has nothing to do with your personal traits and has a lot more to do with the environment with which you a running in. In realizing this I had to look at EPO’s being used by endurance athletes to decide if there was for one a fundamental difference between living in an environment that helps your body create them or to inject them directly. This was interesting for me as the injection version is banned but some athletes train in specially acclimatized houses that allow the natural production and they are not under any ban. As I stated earlier y focus was almost purely focused on trying to find an ethical benchmark with which I might be able to view and breakdown each of the dilemmas brought forth in Sandal’s chapter on Athletic Enhancement. 

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