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Thursday, February 12, 2015

The case against perfection
Quiz questions chapter 1

1. What is one of the four examples of bioengineering already on the horizon? (P.10)
2. Who is Dr. H. Lee Sweeney? (P. 10)
3. The author said "Fairness is one of the primary reason to stop genetic enhancement in sport" (T/F) (p.12)
4.What do critics call the elective use of human growth hormones? (P.17)
5. What is MicroSort?(p.22)
6. What two countries have a chilling sex ratio  ? ( p.22)
7. What is one of the disadvantages, most scientists give about cloning? ( p. 6)

Discussion questions
Do you think that genetic engineering threaten human freedom and flourishing?
Do you think that bioengineering will create a big divide between the people who can afford it and the people who can't?

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