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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Exam 1 Study Guide (Group 3)

1. What is the difference between (normal) medical care and palliative care? (BB104)
Answer:  medical care focuses on cure and diagnosis and palliative care focuses on the comfort of terminal patients.

2.What code was drawn up after WWII and states "The health of my patient will be my first consideration."? (BB80)
Answer:  The Geneva Code of Medical Ethics

3.What were the five religions discussed by the author of Bioethics: The Basics? (BB63)
Answer:  Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism

4. What is preventive medicine? (BB138)
Answer:  a field that devises measures to prevent and control disease

5. As athletic enhancement increases, what fades? (AP25)
Answer:  admiration

6. Chapter 3 begins by asking if our bioethical perspective ("vision") is skewed by ______... (BB48)
(a) cultural assumptions, (b) gender bias, (c) religious faith, (d) all of the above
Answer: D

7.What doctrine requires that all research protocols must be submitted to a "research ethics committe before the study begins"? (BB117)
Answer: Helsinki Declaration

8. What is a biobank? (BB133)
Answer:  a collection of biological samples or genetic information

9. What are the three types of valid consent? (BB83)
Answer:  Competent, Informed and Voluntary

10. The idea that the doctor always knows best is called what? (BB82)
Answer Paternalism

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