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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Group 1 Test Questions

1. The _________ required that 'The health of my patient must be my first consideration.' (Hippocratic Oath, Geneva Code, British Medical Association, International Association of Bioethics)
Answer: Hippocratic Oath (BB 2)

2. What are the three types of valid consent for human participation in research?
Answer: Competent, Informed and Voluntary (BB 83)

3. Sandel's deepest moral objection to enhancement is its alleged disfigurement of what relation?
Answer: parent-child relationship (pg. 46)

(More questions to follow in the comments)


  1. 4. As athletic enhancement increases, what fades?
    5. How do Ritalin, Adderall etc differ from recreational drugs of the past?

  2. 6. How are Quality Adjusted Life Years (QALYs) supposed to address and solve the problem of who should receive (for instance) a transplant? 151

    7. (T/F) Vaccination/immunization and restricted mobility are two of the measures used by preventive medicine to counter the spread of disease. 139

  3. 8. Name one of the drugs used for ADHD that was given as an example in the chapter 3. (p.59)

    9. Does Sandel allege an ethical problem with mega-calorie diets? 35

  4. 10. What is meant by the term "heartsick patients"? 149

  5. 10. What is meant by the term "heartsick patients"? 149