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Monday, February 16, 2015

McDonald's Immortal Hamburgers

I know this isn't dealing with anything bioethical, but I do know on our peripatetic walk on Thursday we got around to GMOS and McDonald's came up. I found a link talking about how their burgers (and food in general) never seem to mold or rot. Maybe you'll be interested in knowing the how's as well, sorry if this ruins their "food" for you.



  1. I learned about this a while ago. I thought it was quite strange, but alot of food industries are looking to better preserve their food so that they would have a way of saving funds on buying fresh food every so often. It's almost like a food "enhancement."

  2. AP Chapter 2 Questions

    Fact Question: The deeper danger is that they(genetic engineering and enhancement) represent a kind of ____________, a Promethian aspiration to remake nature, including human nature, to satisfy our desires( AP 26)
    Answer: Hyperagency

    Discussion Question: What should we appreciate more: effort or giftedness in life successes and accomplishments?

  3. Apparently McDonald's makes beef jerky-like burgers from what the article said.