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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Discussion for 03 Feb 15: Euthanasia

For the group discussion on 02 Feb 15 we discussed euthanasia and who gets to decide whether we live or not. This is what was discussed:

1) We (humanity as a whole) have no second thoughts to whether we should euthanize our pets while we have debates over ourselves. Why is this? It is possible that we think that "My dog has lived a good life. It is time for her to go." On the other hand, we think about other humans as "They could still live a good decade longer." This is only one of the answers.

2)There are exceptions. An example includes a woman in a coma but she is also pregnant. Her family wants to cut off the life support but the doctors refuse because she is carrying a 12-week old baby. Some argue for the woman and some argue for the baby and they take it to court. One classmate mentioned that the woman is not feeling any pain if she is in a vegetative state so there is nothing cruel about keeping her alive until the baby is born.

3)Last but not least, a classmate posited the question is really "Which carries more worth: personal choice and autonomy over one's own body or the value of a human life?" This question is very difficult to answer and a classmate ended our discussion by saying that "At the end of the day, it is "his" body. Not his family nor anyone else's."


  1. http://www.cnn.com/2014/01/26/health/texas-pregnant-brain-dead-woman/

    This is the link to the story if anyone wants to see it. The discussion we had about this was pretty intense. She was actually considered brain dead.

  2. For the situation with the coma, I honestly don't know what could be done in that situation. I'm not sure if anyone has the right to abort another person's baby even though they are in a coma. Actually, I think that, technically speaking, the only person that has the right to make that decision is the woman in the coma. I don't know what you could do in this situation. Upon firther investigation in this matter, I actually found out that in some countries it is not just the woman's right to have an abortion.
    For some reason I cannot post the link right now, but if you look up"fathers rights" on BBC, or on Wikipedia, then you can learn more on the topic.

    1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/ethics/abortion/legal/fathers.shtml

  3. I couldn't understand why the family wanted to let the woman go knowing that she was pregnant, unless they wanted her to get an abortion or something. If that was the case, these people still seem like jerks to me, thats just the vibe coming out of the story though.

    Interestingly, Canada apparently is cool with assisted suicide, though maybe not for long. Here is an article I found about it:

    DQ: Should there be severe punishments for scientists who falsify information in studies?

  4. I've never heard of father's rights, but it makes logical sense to me. The father also has a contribution to the kid's start and the right to decide on his child's fate.

    Also, I don't see any harm in keeping the woman alive to allow the child to live. Since she is brain dead, it will not harm her mentally in any way. I think it is good to bring life from such a terrible situation.

  5. It seems like a bizarre situation. Strong feelings on either side. It seems a bit strange that you would want to put someone on life support for that much time...