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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The case against perfection ch. 4
Fact questions

1. Who called for eugenics to be " introduced into the national conscience, like a new religion " (p. 63)

2. Who opened the Eugenics Records Office in Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island? ( p. 64)

3. In Germany, America's eugenics Legislation found an admirer in __________, who later carried eugenics beyond sterilization to mass murder and genocide. (p.66-67)

4. Describe the free-market eugenics policy of Singapore's prime minister, Lee Juan Yew. (p.69)

5. Jurgan Habermas's case against liberal eugenics is especially intriguing because he believes it rest wholly on _____________ and need not invoke spiritual or theological notions. (p.79)

Discussion questions

1. Is genetic engineering  another form of eugenics?

2 . Do you believe that there will be state-imposed genetic engineering later in the future?

3. Does genetic engineering go against the "notion of giftedness"?

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