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Thursday, February 19, 2015

The case against perfection ch. 2 Bionic Athletes
Fact questions

1. In 1999 _____ _____ underwent lasik eye surgery to improve his vision and he won his next five tournaments. (p.30)

2. What corporation now sponsors a high-tech training experiment in a hermetically sealed " altitude house" in Portland, Oregon? (p.32)

3. What does the autor say about spectacles in sports? (p.37)

4. What is the effect of the beta-blockers taken for stage performance? (p.39)

Discussion Questions

1. Is there a way that bioengineering and technology can highlight the talents and skills that distinguish the best players instead of obscuring it? 

2. Will bioengineering turn sports into a spectacle instead of a true test of talent and effort?

3.Do you think that bioengineering will create a big divide between  athletes who are genetically engineered and athletes who are natually gifted?

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